FROST Protocol is designed to be a dynamic yet sustainable DeFi token that takes inspiration from successful models of Summitters, such as Satoshi Nakamoto the pioneer of Bitcoin in tandem with the recent trend of ‘limited’ tokenomics. The base of our theory is firmly built around a total fixed supply of 21,000 (mirroring bitcoins total supply of 21,000,000 on a much more limited scale). A low initial supply is distributed into the ecosystem and the rest mints exponentially overtime until the max total supply is reached. FROST combines aspects of community governance and yield farming while implementing NFT’s in a unique way that boosts users earning potential of an already low supply. Our barrier to entry is relatively low enabling those interested to facilitate the ecosystem.

☃️ FROST Protocol Features:

❄️ FROST serves as the governance token which has a Total Max Supply = 21,000

❄️ There will be an initial supply of 5,250 tokens that comes from the total 21,000

❄️ 2,625 tokens will be Frosted aka Locked Uniswap Liquidity!

❄️ The remaining supply of FROST (15,750) tokens will be fairly distributed to those staked in a “slope” (farm pool)

❄️ Transaction Fees are used to buyback FROST and increase Frosted Liquidity, in turn recycling the token supply over time

❄️ Staking FROST-ETH Uniswap LP tokens offers a 4000% APR which is variable depending on the number of stakers. This is known as the Avalanche. All fees collected prior to the Avalanche will get redistributed back to stakers.

❄️ There will be a section for staking any supported non-FROST token in order to earn yield in both FROST and your staked token with no risk of impermanent loss. These staking pools will be referred to as SLOPES.

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How do I acquire FROST?

When is the LGE?

Can I get more info on Avalanche and Slopes?

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